Geko Union/ Geko Fluid Control GmbH

Premier Manufacturer of Flow Control & Automation Products

GEKO Valves & Controls, born in Germany, is a well-known professional manufacturer of pneumatic & electric control valve and actuators. Building upon professional production capability for more than 60 years and extensive field experience,with sophisticated and most advanced fabrication process which can provide an excellent basis on optimum solutions to any specific requirements by the user. we offer industrial ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, check valves. Serve industries like Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Minerals, Power Generation Industries, etc. We have become one of the pioneers of global manufacturers of flow control valve.

Valve and actuator units supplied by Geko Valves&Controls are of superior quality and come up  higher standard. They improve both performance and safety of your installation, besides, they reduce pollution to the environment and mankind.

We are a global enterprise, have plants in Germany,Netherland,Korea,China mainland as well as China Taiwan .

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GEKO Company Culture

Employees Work Attitude

Forward-looking consciousness,  establish new methods & new ideas

Enterprise Management Idea

Constantly challenge with innovative thinking and technology

Enterprise Mission

Forge ahead with hands,  create the future with ability.

Geko Development History


1956 Geko fluid control GmbH founded in Dortmund, Germany. The first control valve workshop was built in Europe.


1990 Geko Union achieved the DIN ISO 9001 certificate.


1999 GEKO developed the integrated and intelligent valve actuators, which was registered its patents globally.


2001 GEKO set up joint venture with VE Group to serve the petrochemical market in Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg.


2002 GEKO set up joint venture GEKO Controls Ltd., with FU-YUAN Industrial in Taiwan to serve the Asian market.


2004 GEKO developed the integrated metal seated ball valves, with HVOF technology which is the world patent space technology.


2005, GEKO entered into the Chinese market.


2008, Geko Flow Control Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd was built, which was a key step to explore the Chinese market.


2016 Taiwan Geko Valve Co., Ltd. was established to develop cryogenic valve and high purity clean ball valve.


2022 The new R&D center and production plant of Geko Valves & Controls in Changzhou, China will come into use in June 2022, with estimated annual output of 120 thousand sets of control valve.

Honor Certificates of Geko

Geko Valves 2014.68.EU 3.1
Geko Valves AD 2000-Merkblatt HPO
Geko Valves API 6D
Geko Valves API 6D
Geko Valves CE
Geko Valves DGRL-gb
Geko Valves DIN EN ISO 3834-2(EN729-2)
Geko Valves DIN EN ISO9001
Geko Valves SIL Certificate
Geko Valves SIL
Geko Valves TüV API 607
Geko Valves TüV API 607 Certificate
Geko Valves TüV-SIL3
Geko Valves Germany TüV-SIL3

Our Customers

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