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Valve Used In Marine

With the increased pressure of keeping your vessels operating more efficiently and safely , an acknowledged and reliable partner is required to help you accommodate yourself to the changed situation at sea. Geko has designed and manufactured valves for marine valves industry for over 60 years, working in the areas of chilled water systems, ventilation systems, hydraulics, seawater desalination and many other offshore applications.

Valve Used In Marine

Importance of Valves for Marine

Geko marine valves and ship valves can help you effectively deal with corrosion and extreme temperatures in marine industry. The reliable ship valve is very important to assure every safe and successful voyage. Marine valves control the pressure and flow rate of fluids in the onboard systems.

What Kind of Valve Is Suitable For Marine?

  • Geko supplies marine gate valves, to control the fluid flow through the pipes by raising or lowering the stem, which seems like a gate.                                              

  • Geko supplies marine butterfly valves for those ships that work with fuel, water or lubricating oil. They can control the fluid medium well and detach particles and solids from the fuel. 

  • Geko supplies marine check valve, which is one of the simple and effective valves onboard ships. It helps to prevent water or other medium to back flow.    

  • Geko supplies marine globe valve (shut off valve) in shipping to control and regulate marine fuel flow rate in the pipe through the disk and ring seat.      

  • Geko offers marine seacock valve (ball Valve) to control flow by means of ball and stem. The body and handle material of stainless steel could supply the excellent corrosion resistance.

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