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Standard Knife Gate Valves GKV300 Series

  • DN: 50 - 1200

  • PN: 10 (PN 16 upon request)

  • Exterior design: knife goes through the seal area

  • Main characteristics: monobloc body, circular, total passage: enables a high flow capacity with low load loss, gate with rounded edges: prolongs the working life of the rings and packing, interchangeable drives (hand wheel, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator)

  • Seat: NBR; EPDM, metal-metal Applications: ideal for installations handling liquids containing suspended solids and wastewater (mining, chemical treatment, water treatment, etc.)

Highlights of Standard Knife Gate Valves GKV300 Series


  • Function ON/OFF or regulation.

  • Wafer threaded mounting.

  • Unidirectional tightness, direction indication thanks to the arrow on the body.

  • Small retention zone: the gate is guided in the body and has little Clearance

  • Gland assembly: packing and O-ring(same materials as seat joint) to assure the elasticity and decrease the operating torque.

  • Small head loss

  • Possibility to regulate thick fluids with the adaptation of a diaphragm ring.


  • Cast iron EN-GJ/L-250 body/ Stainless stee/X5crni 18-10 gate

  • Stainless stee Gx5crimo 19-11-2 body/Stainess stee/ imo 17-12-2 date


  • Maximum working pressures:

    DN50-250: 10 bar

    DN300-450: 7 bar

    DN500-600: 4 bar

    DN700-1200: 2 bar

  • Maximum working temperatures: 

    Nitrile: 80C

    EPDM: 110C


  • Manufacture according to the requirements of the European directive 97/23/CE

  • Equipment under pressure: category/ modulate H(from DN 50 to DN 600).

  • Test procedures are established according to NF EN 12266-1NFEN12266-2, DIN3230 and ISO5208.


  • Mounting between flanges by bolts and nuts.

  • Between flanges PN 10 according to EN 1092-1 and EN 1092-2/BS 450/ ANS/B 16-5 option ASA 150 or standard TAPP on request.

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