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GEKO Provides Various Valve Applications

For the 60 years, Geko has been strived to manufacture and supply high quality valves and actuators for industry applications,which help to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability and reduce risks in the whole process system or pipe system.

Industrial Valve In Oil & Gas Industry
Currently the demand for oil and gas is constantly on the rise, and operating environment have become more complex over the years. Quality valves are essential in oil and gas transportation since they are bale to reduce methane gas emissions in transit.
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Industrial Valve In Chemical Industry
In chemical industry there is always high demanding for valves.Geko provide various valve solutions that hold the line against the abrasive flow media, heat,toxic gas or liquid, polymer growth or obstruction risks inherent to chemical plants.
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Valves for Mining Industry
Geko have been developed valves specially suitable for working in the mining industry for decades, used in the loaded fluid transport lines, such as:water with stones or particles, sludge, the grinding circuit, the refined or smelted products etc.
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Valve In Power Generation
Geko valves capably solves issues that always occured in power plants,such as valve leaks, seat corrosion, packing block and so on. All of these will lead to significant heat loss, safety concerns and plant inefficiencies.
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Industrial Valve In Pharmaceutical Industry
In recent years, in the professional purification field of medical, health, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries, Geko sanitary valves and ultra-clean valves have been widely used, and the products are reliable and stable for a long time under severe working conditions.
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Valve Used In Marine
In the areas of fuel handling, chilled water systems, ventilation systems, seawater desalination and many other offshore applications. Our flow control valves are widely used to deal with corrosion.
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Valve Used In Pulp And Paper
With rapidly evolving pulp, quality requirement of paper industry is correspondingly increased. We could offer solutions to improved efficiency, reliability and environmental performance in the pulp, paper industry.
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