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Valves for Mining Industry

Geko Valve provides valves for mining, which is the main integrated supplier of metallurgy and mining automatic control valves. We focuse on mining and metals industry. In the field of ore production and steel smelting, Geko Valve's supersonic hardening spray ball valve (Hastelloy hardness 72), ceramic hemispherical valve, ceramic butterfly valve and other products are widely used. Long-term stable and reliable operation solves the trouble of frequent shutdown and maintenance for owners and saves production costs. , Expand production capacity and economic benefits.

Valves for Mining Industry

Importance of Valves for Mining

  1. Geko's valves are able to meet the highest requirements of the mining industry through products and services. Have been cooperating with many large domestic metallurgical and mining groups and design institutes, have rich industry experience for many years.

  2. Geko's valves for mining with robust metal materials are able to cut through solids and scale what often found in the mining applications.They are designed to meet virtually any process condition in the mineral processing industry.

  3. The control valves are also applied in this application, they can deliver accurate process measurement and offer process control solutions. 

Reliable Valve Solutions for Mining Applications

Geko's metal seated ball valve and through conduit knife gate valve are perfect suitable for the mining industry which with most abrasive and demanding slurry and solids,in where operational wear-resistance and low life-cycle costs are emphasised.Geko's knife gate valve are specially for the mining proceess pipeline system,it can discharge media externally when it cycles open/close through the port in bottom of the valve body. This prevent build of solids and enable them to operate through a wide range of solid concentrations.  

Other Geko Valves Applications

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