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Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators

Geko, as an established  electric actuator factory, we have three types electronic actuators, from linear actuator, quarter-turn actuator to intelligent integral actuator which can meet your different needs. They have been preferred for their reliability and durability for decades. We specialize in partnering with you while providing perfect actuation solutions.

Different Electric Actuators Types

1,GKL-Series electric actuator is mechanical device that moves in a straight line to complete or start a process.

2,GKSA-Series electric actuator is intelligent integral electric actuator.

3,GKQ-Series electronic is a type of actuator that convert electric energy into a rotary force, and it can only make a 90 degree turn(a quarter-turn).

Electric Actuators Working Principle

  • An actuator is the component of a valve that is responsible for moving and controlling the valve, for example by opening a valve.

    To drive an electric actuator requires a control signal and a source of energy.  Electric voltage or current is available to be the control signal, but the main energy source must be an electric current. When it receives a control signal, an actuator responds by converting the source's energy into mechanical motion.

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