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Industrial Valve In Pharmaceutical Industry

In the active ingredients and vaccines of different properties processing line,or in drugs production line or using enzymes, cells and microorganism for technical purposes, any contamination could pose a risk to the process' end result.High precision and unadulterated results are essential.Geko valves are developed and set the right conditions for safe processes, help you to ensure productivity, continuity, and cleanliness.

Industrial Valve In Pharmaceutical Industry

Importance of Valves for Pharmaceuticl Industry

  1. Geko stainless steel and special alloy materials are processed, and various formulas provide the strongest corrosion resistance and toughness. Our fluoropolymers provide stability at high temperatures, chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance.

  2. We source and manufacture the best materials to ensure consistently high quality. We can always exceed expectations in the passivation and electropolishing treatments used to form excellent material purity.

  3. As a reliable valve manufacturer, we clean and specially pack our parts to ensure that your process remains clean.

What Kind of Valve Is Suitable For Pharmaceutical Industry?

  • In the pharmaceutical and food industry, Geko manual and pneumatic ball valves are used for many liquid media (alcohol, acid, solvent...) and involve the process of developing effective ingredients.

  • The ball valves are also be applied to the "clean equipment" of the pharmaceutical workshop (pure water, steam cleaning, filtered air, thermal fluid...).

  • In many public and auxiliary equipment (water, steam, air, caustic soda...) including rinsing, drying, and cleaning processes you also found Geko valve products, like ball valves and butterfly valves, they are not easy to breed bacteria during storage, mixing and transportation.

  • The special material solution can solve many corrosion problems for you (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc.). The quality control of the product during the production process can be guaranteed. The linear adjustment function of Geko flow control valve can realize the temperature, pressure, pH value, liquid Control of surface position control.

Other Geko Valves Applications

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