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GEKO Valve Actuator

GEKO Valve Actuator

Geko valve actuator is a mechanical device that to open or close a valve. It usually use a power source, which can be electric, pneumatic (compressed air), hydraulic (the flow of oil), or electro-hydrostatic actuator. Geko actuators help you to open and close your valves much more smoothly, efficiently, and effortlessly. Contact Geko, a trustworthy valve actuator manufacturer, for the price.

GEKO Valve Actuator Types

Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators Electric Actuators

1.Fast: Electric actuators are directly driven, thus they have excellent response times that make them operated fast. 2.Accurate: Electric actuators are popular due to it provides higher level of precision in controlling the motion. 3.Low cost: Electric actuators are proved to be more economical in the long run compared to the other actuators. They require less maintenance, are tough and easy to operate and install, last longer and stable. 4.Clean: Electricity is a clean energy source, i.e. there is no potential risk for leakage.
Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators Pneumatic Actuators

1.Stronger force and high speed: Pneumatic actuators provide high force and speed at low unit cost in a small footprint. They are easily to adjust. 2. Durable: Using pneumatic actuators, you don't need to care about the overheating problems, worry-free of overuse, it can withstand a certain pressure to be used for a long time. 3.Reliable: In terms of the advanced controls that can convert gas into energy, the pneumatic actuator has high durability, so it has high standards of performance and a very long service life.

What's the Valve Actuator Function?

What's the Valve Actuator Function?
  • The basic function is that the actuators move your valves to a certain desired position by using an outside power source. There are different types of valve actuators.

  • The main job is they must move the valve closure parts to the position you expected. The valve closure parts is the plug, disc, and ball. The actuator needs to create enough torque to move these things even under high pressures.

  • The actuator also able to allow intermediate positioning; some valve actuators include switches or other ways to remotely indicate the position of the valve.

  • They are able to hold the valve closure parts in the position you desire. This means it needs enough fluid power or spring to take on the dynamic torque that throttling applications create.

  • They can be the part to form a system automatically regulates some flow, level, or other processes.

FAQ of Valve Actuators

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