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Through Conduit Knife Gate Valves

This knife gate valve is especially applied in pulp and paper industy. There is always numerous impurities mixed with old paper during recovery. The gate valve used  in the exit of pulp could easily  detach the impurities.

This valve is a two pieces body without retention area, with two seat seals which Implement a bi-directional tightness.

Highlights of Through Conduit Knife Gate Valves

  • Manufacture according to the requirements of the European directive 97/23/CE

  • Equipment under pressure: category III modulate H (from DN 50 to DN 300).

  • Test procedures are established according to NF EN 12266-1, NF EN12266-2, DIN 3230, and ISO 5208.

  • Maximum working pressures:

    DN50-250: 10 bar

    DN300-400: 6 bar

    DN450-600: 3.5 bar

    DN700-1200: 2.0 bar

  • Maximum working temperatures:

    Nitrile: 80℃

    EPDM: 110℃

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