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Geko Butterfly Valve

Geko Butterfly Valve

As a well-known butterfly valve manufacturer, GEKO has been engaged in the research and development of valves, actuators and the supporting accessories for decades. It is one of the pioneers in the production of flow control valves in the world. Our customers cover many fields such as power generation, petrochemical, nuclear power, mining, steel mills, aerospace, and municipal engineering, and are used by global customers. The production process is managed under the guidance of ISO9001(2006version). The valves are completely and fully tested follow API-598, fluid static force, gas force and overall performance of valve are completely and fully carried out following standard of API-598.Thus the zero leakage and high quality are ensured.

GEKO Butterfly Valve Types

High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valve High Performance Butterfly Valve

GEKO central line high performance butterfly valve combines 200psi performance with a relatively low operating torque. The secret is a design that matches a specially-shaped disc edge with a unique elastomer contour. The result is a low friction seal that operates easier and lasts longer. And the price for this higher performance is relatively low.
High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve

High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve

GKV-810/820/830 high performance double offset butterfly valve with excellent design, its seat and plate make the valve have better performance.
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve GKV9 Series

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve GKV9 Series Triple Offset Butterfly Valve GKV9 Series

Geko'st riple offset butterfly valve has two designs: triple eccentric laminated metal seal and pure metal seal. The switch life can reach more than 50,0000 times without adjustment. Passed the API 607, ISO 10497 fire test. The fugitive emission standard complies with TA-LUFT, ISO 15848-1 regulations and tests, BS 6364 ultra-low temperature test.

Key Features of GEKO Butterfly Valves

The connection dimension of actuators for the GEKO butterfly valve could be made per IS05211 and American national standard or customized. Once you buy GEKO butterfly valves, you will be rewarded with simple operation, reliability, low abrasion, small torque, lighter weight. The valves could be easily equipped with pneumatic and electronic actuators according to different requirements.

Manufactured Per MsS SP-67 And API609.

Tight sealing and zero leakage under rated pressure(1.OMpa and 1.6 Mpa);

Advanced multi-sealing design to free valve body from direct contact with working media and to ensure zero leakage.

Scientific design for the sealing surface of Valve seatto make a tight connection between the seat and Valvebody, between the seat and flange without any additional accessories.

Advanced valve shape and mounting pattern design toensure a better sealing, smaller torque, bigger flowand lower fluid resistance as well as flexible two-sideconnection.

Designed and produced based on multi-standard systemso the valve could be applied to flanges ofvarious type,thus the valve enjoys excellent interchangability.

With top flange make per IS0 5211, the valve could beeasily mounted with actuators (pneumatic, electronicand lever).Because all the parts are undergonepreservative treatment, the valve could Be applied toHard environment.

GEKO--Provide Various Material Choices of Butterfly Valve

In Geko, there are various materials to suit the various valves working ambient.

For Seal Materials
For Valve Body
For Disc
For Structures

EPDM, Buna-N, Neoprene, Silicone, Viton, PTFE are available.

There are cast iron, ductile iron, WCB, CF8, CF8M to choose.

Available materials are ductile iron (nickel-based), aluminum bronze, stainless steel, nylon-coated, F46 coated.

We offer lug and wafer-type butterfly valves.

Geko Provides Various Material Choices of Butterfly Valve

What are Butterfly Valves Used for?

What are Butterfly Valves Used for?
  • GEKO, a trustworthy butterfly valve supplier, our butterfly valve opens and closes with a low-torque rotation of 90 degrees and they are suitable for any compatible application. Because they are low cost and lightweight, the butterfly valve is often preferred over other types of valves.

  • Geko's butterfly valves are with advantages of such valves are low-pressure loss, easy opening, and closing, erosion-resistant sealing surfaces, lightweight and low-friction, which helps the process control throttling more accurately. And the metal- and soft-seated designs as well as lined versions for corrosive and hygienic applications can meet a wide range of applications.

Butterfly Valve Maintenance

1. Maintenance of valves involves the lubrication of mechanical components, inspection and repair of actuators. Valves with requirements for regular lubrication contain fittings from where grease is applied. Sufficient lithium-based grease should be applied at recommended intervals to minimize rusting and corrosion.

2. Inspection of the actuators at regular intervals to identify any signs of wear or loose electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic connections that may affect valve operation is also important.

3. In addition, users should clean all parts of the butterfly valve using a silicon-based lubricant. The valve seats should be inspected for any signs of wear and replaced whenever necessary. The discs of butterfly valves used for dry applications like compressed air service need to be lubricated. Butterfly valves that are not frequently cycled should be operated at least once monthly.

FAQs of Electric Butterfly Valve

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