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Geko Ball Valves

Geko Ball Valves

Geko ball valves are one of the most common types used in industrial processes. They are shut off valves that control the flow of gas or fluid by rotaring a ball with a bore. Diverse kinds of floating and trunnion-mounted ball valves are also available. Geko industrial ball valves are with long life and safe operation in tough services, from ultra-low temperature to highly corrosive fluids.

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One Piece Ball Valve

One Piece Ball Valve One Piece Ball Valve

The single piece ball valve is composed of one part, that means no joints to reduce the risk of leakage. Generally, they will not be repaired owing to low cost.
Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve

Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve

Metal seated ball valve is applied in severe service such as refining, petrochemical, and other demanding process applications under extreme temperatures or pressures.

What Is Ball Valve Used For?

What Is Ball Valve Used For?
  • Ball valve can withstand high temperature and pressure  at a  relatively lower cost. so it is commonly used in water and gas application. Geko high pressure/temperature stainless steel ball valve provide excellent shutoff even after years of service, because of  its  perfect durability and  sealing property.

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