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Valve In Power Generation

Geko products are widely used in thermal power, hydropower, and nuclear power industries. Over the years, they have achieved outstanding performance in many domestic power plants, and their reliable quality and professional services have been widely praised by owners.

No matter which field you work in the thermal power, hydropower, or nuclear power industry, Geko will support you with the industry's high-level quality and reliability based on decades of industry experience. (Conforms to major standards, including ASME Part III and B16.34.) 

Valve In Power Generation

Importance of Valves for Power Generation

  1. Geko help you to select the correct valve, valve units and the control valve for your application, Geko provides more precise control.

  2. In thermal power plant's high temperature and high pressure working conditions, hydropower high pressure and high flow rate scouring conditions, Geko's hard-sealed ball valve promises a 4-year maintenance-free ultra-long after-sales commitment.

  3. In nuclear power radioactive medium sampling conditions, Geko's instrumentation valves are one of the two core suppliers that meet the high standards of nuclear power systems.

Power Plant Valve Solutions

  1. Geko instrumentation ball valve are used in Haiyang Nuclear power plant.

  2. Geko's solenoid valve, breathing valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, control valve are applied in Pakistan Nuclear Power Project Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 and Unit 4 Diesel Generator Set.

  3. Geko's valves, actuators and supporting accesories are applied in Jordan Atalarat power station, it is located in the oil shale field, the biggest oil shale power station in the world, constructed two pieces of circulating fluidized bed air cooling power units, which can supply net output 235 megawatts.

  4. Geko's pneumatic metal seated ball valves are applied in the Vietnam hydropower station.Among them Son La dam is the biggest one, Geko's numerous valves are working stably in the system.

Other Geko Valves Applications

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