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Industrial Valve In Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, pipeline systems are the essential part for the whole system from refining processes to distribution. For this reason that pipeline infrastructure and reliable control systems are of critical important position. Any failures or leackages in such systems could result in major losses, hazardous spills, and even environmental catastrophes.Under this condition, Geko valves are tasked with flow control, maintaining the integrity of supply lines, guarantee a safe and reliable operation.

Industrial Valve In Oil & Gas Industry

Importance of Industrial Valve in Oil & Gas Industry

  1. The phenomenon of loss of efficiency or product loss due to fouling, blockage, freezing, corrosion and cracking of fluid systems is becoming more and more common. To avoid it,Geko improved the fluid system through energy assessment, sampling system optimization and the development of mechanical efficiency schemes.

  2. Geko valves usage help to reduce the manual investment required for maintenance, and you can increase it by using high-performance rotating equipment, heating systems and reactors. Process efficiency can optimize the performance of public facilities and improve energy intensity indicators.

Common Types of Valves Used in Oil & Gas Industry

  1. Pneumatic three-way ball valve and electric control valve(BT4) are used in Shengli Oil field.

  2. Geko stainless steel manual/electric ball valve are applied in China's Bohai bay offshore oil production platform.

  3. Geko's pneumatic on-off ball valve are applied in the centrifugal compressor system of West Gansu Oil and Gas Transmission Company of PetroChina Pipeline Co., Ltd.

  4. Geko's pneumatic ball valve are applied in CNOOC Peru 67 Block Project.

Other Geko Valves Applications

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