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Air Filters Regulators

GK series air source treatment components are composed of a filter pressure reducing valve or a type oil mist device. These components can be purchased separately. The water filter can filter the liquid oil, condensate and impurities in the air, even if the input pressure and compressed air consumption produce.

The system fluctuates, and the pressure reducing valve can also ensure that its set working pressure is very stable. The oil mist device can evenly spray oil mist into the filtered air. The amount of oil mist is directly proportional to the air flow rate.

Functions of Air Filters Regulators

The air filters regulators GK-200 is a device that adjusts the supply pressure of the main air pipe of the factory to the pressure value required by the positioner and the control device.

Features of Air Filters Regulators

No matter how the input pressure and flow fluctuations, GK-200, GK-205 could maintain a stable output pressure.

Light weight, small size, easy to install and maintain.

Can filter small particles of 5 microns.

If the output pressure than the pressure of the high-set, then from the atmosphere to maintain a stable output pressure.

GK-250 is the use of stainless steel production, for corrosive environment and the marine environment.

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