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V-Ball Valve

  • GKV-225V/GKPV2 Series (2-piece/3-piece)

  • Power Plants, Steam Generation

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials

  • End Types: Socket Weld, NPT, Butt- Weld, Flange

  • Sizes: 1/2" - 12"

  • ANSI Class: Up to 1500#

  • Standard Materials: A216 Gr.WCB, CF8, CF8M, A105, F22, F91, F304, F316(Other materials available)

Features of the V-Ball Valve

The V-shaped partial ball can provide a large straight-through capacity for fluids containing solid particles.

The V-shaped ball is supported by bearings at the top and bottom to reduce operating torque.

There is a shearing effect between the spherical surface of the V-shaped incision and the valve seat, which can cut off and scrape off the fluid containing fiber media, high viscosity media, or solid particles, so that it can pass through the valve unimpededly.

The soft-sealed valve seat and metal valve seat can be interchanged to meet different working conditions, and the steps to replace the valve seat are simple and convenient.

The spring-guided metal valve seat allows the V-shaped valve ball to rotate more smoothly.

Automatic pressure relief function.

Approximate equal percentage flow characteristics.

Integrated installation platform.

Anti-static device.

The valve bonnet is easy to disassemble, which simplifies the steps of replacing internal parts.

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