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Valve Limit Switches

Valve Limit Switches

Limit switch is a commonly used low-current master electrical appliance. In the electrical control system, the role of the position switch is to achieve sequence control, positioning control and position status detection. One type is travel switches and micro switches that are driven by mechanical stroke directly as input signals; the other type is proximity switches that use electromagnetic signals (non-contact) as input action signals.

GEKO Limit Switches

GEKO Limit Switches Working Principle

  • Limit switch, a type of position switch, is a commonly used low-current master electrical appliance.

  • The collision of the moving parts of the production machinery is used to make the contacts actuate to switch on or off the control circuit to achieve certain control purposes.

  • Usually, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of the mechanical movement, so that the moving machine automatically stops, moves in the opposite direction, moves at a variable speed or moves back and forth automatically according to a certain position or stroke.

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