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GKS-100 Series Limit Valve Switches

GKS-100 Protected Series Limit Switch offers tight, economy, stable product, many switches and high temperature and high pressure for visual position and distant signal.

Highlights of GKS-100 Series Limit Switches

- Whetherproof GKS-100 series position monitoring switch boxes are primary rotary position indication device designed to integrate valve and NAMUR rotary pneumatic actuator with a variety of mounting options, internal switches or sensors and configulations.

- Rigid and compact design constructed from aluminum alloy die-casting capable of operating even in arduous conditions.

- Dome position indicator constructed from high resistance poly-carbonate material which offers instant visual recognition of valve or actuator position up to 50 meters distance.

Features of GKS-100 Series Limit Switches

Two-dimension visual signal, high contrast color design, examine the position in all angle.

In accordance with NAMUR standard, promote interchangeability furthest.

Anti-proof bolt. It wouldn’t drop when distuffing.

Temp:-25~80℃ Enclosure Protection: IP67.

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