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High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve

High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve

As a professional double offset butterfly valve manufacturer, Geko offers double offset butterfly valves from 2.5" to 24", soft seated, fire-safe seated and metal seated, from carbon steel to stainless steel, lug type and wafer type.  Geko double offset butterfly valve has superior service life capability, with zero leakage shutoff.

High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve for Sale

GKV810/813 Series are with common seat, GKV 820/823 Series are with fire-safe seat, and the GKV 830/833 Series are with metal seat.

GKV 810/820/830 are with wafer type body shape, GKV 813/823/833 are with lug type body shape.

Advantages of High Performance (Double Offset) Butterfly Valve

  • Robust construction, precise positioning, reliable performance.

  • The eccentric butterfly plate and the offset shaft ensure that when the valve is opened, the sealing surface of the laminated plate quickly leaves the sealing surface of the valve seat, what extend the service life of the valve and maintain the sealing of the entire periphery of the butterfly plate.

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