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07, 2024
GEKO Valves Showcases Innovations at Valve World Asia in New Energy Hydrogen Applications
At the recent Valve World Asia exhibition, GEKO Valves and Controls highlighted their latest advancements in addressing the challenges posed by hydrogen in new energy applications. With hydrogen being...
05, 2024
GEKO Valves & Controls to Reconnect with You at the 2024 Valve World Asia Expo & Conference
GEKO Valves & Controls looks forward to meeting you at 2024 Valve World Asia Expo & Conference.
10, 2023
What is a Dual Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator and used for?
Description:A Dual Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator is a mechanical device designed to convert rotary motion into linear motion. It utilizes the distinctive Scotch yoke mechanism with dual arms to achie...
10, 2023
What is Slide Gate Valve/Sluice Gate Valve?
The Slide Gate valve is also named Slide Plate Valve/Sluice Plate Valve.A slide gate valve, also known simply as a "slide gate," is a type of valve used to control the flow of bulk materials...
10, 2023
Different Types of Actuators and Their Distinctions
Actuators are mechanical devices used to control the movement or operation of various systems and equipment. There are several types of actuators, each with its own characteristics and applications. H...
10, 2023
The Distinctive Features and Applications of PFA Lined Butterfly Valves
In the realm of fluid control and industrial processes, precision and reliability are paramount. One remarkable solution that has garnered attention in recent years is the PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) lined ...
10, 2023
How to Select Actuators for Valves
Selecting the right actuator for various types of valves involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and control. Here are the key steps to guide your decision:Gate Valves: Gate...
09, 2023
Butterfly Valves: durability problems and present solutions
Introduction Butterfly valves play a crucial role in various industries, it also named/Rotary Valve/Butterfly Disc Valve/Butterfly Plate Valve/Butterfly Damper /Butterfly Control Valve /Rotary Disc Va...
09, 2023
Top 10 Control Valve Manufacturers Worldwide
Control valves are essential components in industrial processes, ensuring the precise regulation of flow, pressure, and temperature. Across industries such as oil and gas, power generation, water trea...
09, 2023
Enhancing Control and Efficiency with GEKO Control Valves
Control valves play a pivotal role in various industries (Globe valves, Check valves, Gate valves), serving as the gatekeepers of fluid and gas flow within complex systems. These valves regulate the f...
09, 2023
GEKO: Your Best Valve Manufacturer for Unparalleled Quality
In the world of industrial valves, one name stands out as the epitome of excellence and reliability: GEKO. As we delve into the world of valve manufacturing, it becomes evident that GEKO is not just a...
09, 2023
Globe Valves vs Gate Valves
When it comes to controlling the flow of fluids in pipelines, two common choices are Globe valves and Gate valves. Both serve essential roles in various industries, but they have distinct differences ...
09, 2023
What is PFA lined ball valve?
A PFA lined ball valve is a type of industrial valve that is designed for handling corrosive and aggressive fluids. It is a type of fluoropolymer that offers excellent chemical resistance, high-temper...
06, 2023
GEKO Valves and Controls Appear at the 2023 Hannover Industry Expo in Germany
GEKO valves and controls have come to a perfect conclusion at the HANNOVER MESSE which was held in Hannover, Germany from April 17 to 21, 2023.Hannover Messe is the largest international industrial event...
01, 2023
GEKO valves &controls will participate in the 2023 Hannover Industry Exp
GEKO valves &controls will participate in the 2023 Hannover Industry ExpTime: From April 17, 2023 until April 21, 2023Stand Number: HALL 5 B68-3Hannover Messe will assemble prominent representati...
12, 2022
Geko Valves & Controls China factory obtained TÜV ISO15848 low emission certificate for Ball Valves Geko
Geko Valves & Controls obtained the ISO15848 low fugitive leakage certification for ball valves issued by TUV Rheinland Company,in November 2022,and mark that GEKO's product performance has been ...
12, 2022
The opening of Geko Valves & Controls (China)
Geko Valves & Controls (China) will officially open the new factory in October 2022, which is also an important milestone in the company's strategic development.The address of the new factory ...
11, 2022
Duesseldorf, Germany Pump Valve Exhibition
Duesseldorf, Germany Pump Valve ExhibitionExhibition time: 2022.11.29 ~ 12.01Exhibition industry: Pump valveSponsor: KCI WORLD,Messe Düsseldorf, Germany,Messe DüsseldorfDusseldorf Convention Center, Germany...
08, 2022
Geko Provided Pneumatic Ball Valves To Guotai Dacheng Carbon Fiber Project
GEKO Valves & Controls provided zero-leakage shut-off valve with double solenoid valve configuration for Shandong Guotai Dacheng carbon fiber production line.Shandong Guotai Dacheng Carbon Fiber I...
12, 2021
Control Valve Application Problems
Control valve applications, there are six points of the problem: ① control valve varieties, specifications, parameters and more. Control valves to meet the different requirements of industrial process.
12, 2021
Germany, UK, Valve Market
Germany valve market Germany, the land area of 356.97 thousand square kilometers, population of 082 million, Germany is located in central Europe, the European continent a "crossroads"
10, 2021
The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of The GEKO Valves & Controls New Factory
On 12 Oct. 2021, The Sanxin Economic Fair, Innovation-Driven Branch Venue held the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory. The CEO Mr.Wanzheng Huang of Geko Flow Control Technology (Changzhou) Co., LTD.
09, 2021
The Actuator Designed And Manufactured By GEKO Was Approved
The actuator designed and manufactured by GEKO Flow Control Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd was approved by Rheinland TüV-Sil 3.
06, 2021
GEKO Passed TUV Rheinland API 607 Fire Test Certification
Geko Fluid Control GmbH-Geko Flow Control Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. passed TUVRheinland API 607 fire test certification,API607 Fire Test for Quarter-Turn Valves and Valves Equipped with Nonmetallicseats.
05, 2021
GEKO Integrated Electric Valve Received Acceptance Of Yadong Cement Project
In March 2021, the electrical gate valve and globe valve for steam pipe network renovation project were successfully accepted by Sichuan Yadong Cement Co. Ltd. During the commissioning and acceptance.
03, 2020
Geko Control Valves Boost Kibing Group's Rapid Development
Geko Control Valves has communicated continuously with Kibing Group nearly two years on its product line's usage of the vacuum System high-frequency pneumatic valve and kept testing on it.
09, 2019
Geko Control Valves China Branch 20th Anniversary And Geko Products Communication Conference
In 10th September, Geko flow control technology (Changzhou)Co., Ltd ushered in the company's the great day of its 12th anniversary, we Held anniversary celebration activities.
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