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The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of The GEKO Valves & Controls New Factory

On 12 Oct.2021, The Sanxin Economic Fair, Innovation-Driven Branch Venue held the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory. The CEO Mr.Wanzheng Huang of Geko Flow Control Technology (Changzhou) Co., LTD. attend the meeting and discuss with government officers of Tianning District about the further development in the field of innovation in the future.

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Geko Valves&Controls, born in the North Rhine-Westphalia Dusseldorf Germany is a well-known professional manufacturer of pneumaticand electric control valve in Europe. He engaged in the implementation of the actuator and control valve for  several decades, which is one of the pioneers of global manufacturers of flow control valve.

In 2005, Geko Valves&Controls  tapped into Chinese market, covered electricpower, petrochemical, nuclear power, mining, steel mills, aerospace, municipal engineering and many other fields, was used and acknowledged by many customers in China.

In 2008, Geko Valves&Controls set up a storageand assembly center, according to the development of the Chinese market. In addition, branch offices were set up in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian and Harbin, establishing after-sales service centers and logistics & distributioncenters, so as to manage and serve users in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Chinese market.

With the rapid growth of the industrial control valve in the Chinese market, Geko Valves& Controls decide to start the project to build new plant in Changzhou. In order to improvethe ability to supply industrial valve for major market, we continue to increase the investment on new R & D center and production plant.

The New plant will come into use in June,2022, with estimated annual output of 120 thousand sets of control valve.

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