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DOUBLE OFFSET seat butterfly valve

DOUBLE OFFSET seat refers to the valve seat adopting a double offset structure. In valve design, the seat is an important component for achieving valve sealing. The double offset structure means that the sealing face of the seat not only has a radial offset but also an axial offset. This design can provide better sealing performance and stability.


Valve seat designs are typically categorized as follows:

1. Zero Offset Seat: The sealing face is parallel to the valve axis, without any offset, suitable for low-pressure, ambient temperature applications.

2. Single Offset Seat: The sealing face has a radial offset to improve sealing performance, suitable for medium-pressure, moderate-temperature applications.

3. Double Offset Seat: In addition to the radial offset, there's also an axial offset, providing enhanced sealing performance and valve stability. It's suitable for high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-velocity applications.

Therefore, using a double offset seat in a valve can improve its sealing performance, reduce leakage risks, and enhance its lifespan and stability. For more information:

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