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Production Process

Development and Engineering With Geko Valves
Development and Engineering

1. Development and engineering are vital to the high quality of our products. The long term experience by Geko's engineers and technicians is integral to the safety and reliability of our control valves.

2. The close relationship with our customers enables us to always design  according to the requirement of the market.

3. The national standards as well as individual customer specifications are also take into close consideration.

Our design and development department utilises state-of-theart technology, including software for stress calculations and CAD applications.

Producing & Assembling Geko Valves
Producing & Assembling

There are two common methods of valves production process,which are casting and forging.

The following forging process listed below for your information.

* Cutting and Forging

The material are cut to the required lengths and widths. Each part is forged by heating .

* Trimming

Excess material or burr is removed. Then the body is moulded to the right valve shape.

* Sand blasting

To make the valve smooth and clean.

* Machining

Enhance the dimension and shapes of threads, holes  etc.according to the design and requirements of the customer.

* Surface Treatment

The technicians assemble all the valve components together.

Geko Valves Testing
  • To ensure product performance, our valves have to undergo rigid testing according to the standard specifications and regulations.

  • Every valve have to be conducted pressure and  leakage test according to DIN 3230, API 598, BS 6755, and other standards.

  • Moreover, we conduct additional tests to guarantee overall safety of our valves, which are dangerous or of delicate materials.

  • To guarantee the fire-safe requirements, the valves are tested accordingto ISO 10497, BS 6755, API 607 and further regulations.

After-sale Service

If there is a running fault or scheduled  large-scale shutdown, GEKO can provide a team of service professionals to assist with any commissioning, repair or maintenance work.

  • Routine maintenance support

  • 24-hour emergency response

  • Valve performance analysis

  • Troubleshooting

Technical Help

  • Design according to working condition             

  • Inspection and quality control                      

  • Installation, startup and commissioning 

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