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High Performance Valves And Actuators Manufacturer

High Performance Valves And Actuators Manufacturer

GEKO Valves & Controls is a well-known professional manufacturer of pneumatic and electric valves and accessories. It has been engaged in the research and development of valves, actuators and the supporting accessories for decades. It is one of the pioneers in the production of flow control valves in the world. Our customers cover many fields such as power generation, petrochemical, nuclear power, mining, steel mills, aerospace, and municipal engineering, and are used by global customers.

Different Industrial Valve Types

Geko butterfly valves are designed in diverse types, for its differnent valve material specification, each of which serve for different specific applications and pressure ranges.

Valve Actuation & Supporting Accessories

Geko offers a types of industrial valve & actuators & control accessories products for industry, which help to ease valve products installation and enhance the performance of your system.

GEKO--Design Complete Solutions for Valve

Maintenance & Repair Solutions of Valve
Maintenance & Repair Solutions of Valve

Geko has a variety of types and specifications of spare parts warehouses, and at the same time, spare parts warehouses with some valve manufacturers keeping dynamic data linkage can provide users with fast spare parts service.

All maintenance personnel has been subjected to strict regulations in the Geko manufacturing plant some of them have control valves for more than 10 years of production and processing experience.

Geko has a dedicated maintenance base with advanced equipment and complete functions around the world, which can complete various tasks related to control valve repair.

Product Solutions of Valves
Product Solutions of Valves
  • Complete flow control system design.

  • Complete actuation system design.

  • Match the valves, actuators, and controls.

  • Replacement of valve trim and seats, each small part of the flow control automation system.

What Makes GEKO Valves Outstanding

What Makes GEKO Valves Outstanding

Safe Energy & Improve Efficiency

GEKO valves & controls have provided perfect solutions and technical services for many projects around the world, and have accumulated rich project experience to help users save energy and improve system efficiency.

High Standard for Details

High-quality products stem from the care of every detail. Each of our products contains our enthusiasm and professionalism.

Continuous Innovation of Technology

We focus on the scrutiny of product details and technology, focus on the continuous innovation of technology, and provide our users with complete fluid control solutions.


Valve Parts Repair and Refurbishment

Geko valves & controls own a lot of various inventory of Valve Repair and Replacement parts for most of our valves and regulators, like trims, plugs, seats, fillings, the pneumatic actuators accessories, etc.

Each Purchase Order has a unique number to trace, thus we can inquire about corresponding products and parts accurately and quickly.

So you can order valve parts separately from us. They will be delivered quickly, which helps your system operate much more smoothly and high effectively.

Valve Parts Repair and Refurbishment
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