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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

GEKO's GKV-9 series is hard-sealed butterfly valves, the valve body adopts a triple offset multi-layer metal sealing structure, the sealing surface of the valve plate is polished and organically combined with the three-dimensional eccentric sealing surface, which is resistant to high and low temperature, high pressure, and allowable media. It has the characteristics of small particles and long service life. It is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, combustible gas, water supply and drainage.

Features of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve GKV9 Series

GKV-9 Series triple offset butterfly valves are with triple eccentric structure, there is almost no friction between the valve plate and the valve seat. The valv plate has two designs: metal interlayer seal and pure metal seal, thus it can work under temperature from -196℃ to 760℃.

Advantages of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

The sealing surface of the valve body is hardened with surfacing drill-based cemented carbide or HVOF, which has the characteristics of resistance to friction.

The sealing surface of the valve plate is a hard laminated metal sheet, which has the dual advantages of a metal hard seal and an elastic seal.

The seal is not affected by the high and low temperature of the medium.

Four series of connection methods can be applied to all terminal connections.

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