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GK-2300 Digital Positioner (Intrinsically Safe Version)

Smart GK-2300 series positioner is two-wire system instrument. It's widely used for the auto-control system of oil, chemical, electric, metallurgy, light industry and so on as supporting control unit.

Smart GK-2300L, GK-2300R use the embedded microprocessors, can be precise control of valve position valve straight trip.

Ordinary positioner with 4 ~ 20mA current signal, and with a variety of functions, to maximize the performance of the system's high-end products.

Functions of GK-2300 Digital Positioner(Intrinsically Safe Version )

-Simply operate the switch to perform automatic calibration.

-Equipped with a communication module, so the travel status of the positioner can be monitored from a distance.

-When an abnormal operation occurs, a warning is issued to the control room.

-The valve position transmitter module can be easily added.

-It is equipped with LCD, so the current opening can be confirmed without other equipment.

Features of GK-2300 Digital Positioner(Intrinsically Safe Version )

High accuracy, up 0.5% F.S

The operation is without opening the body, a high level of protection can operate locally.

Explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

Simple structure, small size, can install on a small actuator.

Auto-tuning, automatic diagnosis, the valve characteristic curve can configure by the settings.

Fewer mechanical parts, good resistance of resonance.

The parameter can set locally and remotely.

Low power consumption, low air consumption, low running costs.

two-wire 4 ~ 20mA standard signal.

Built-in lightning protection module, avoid the damage of lightning stroke.

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