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GKEP-400R Positioner (Standard Version)

GKEP-400RSTn series can have options of position transmitter (PTM), which outputs 4-20mA, and/or limit switch (L/S).

Functions of GKEP-400R Positioner (Standard Version)

The series of mechanical GKEP-400 positioner uses the advanced structure and the technology of the standard item plug. It's reliable, precisely, convenient, easy. The double acting and single acting of product, positive and negative effect is easily switch. It has the features such as lower air consumption, easy range adjustment, quick

respond speed, feedback stem connect easily

Features of GKEP-400R Positioner (Standard Version)

5 ~ 200Hz in the range of non-resonance phenomenon. 

Do not have replacement parts can be achieved 1 / 2 points within the scope of process control.

The zero adjustment and span adjustment is easily worked.

Forward and reverse, dual-role single-role and can be easily converted between. 

Connecting with feedback stem is easy.

Response quickly and accurately.

Low air consumption, the economy is good. 

For small executive body can reduce the positioning device to prevent shocks Orifice.

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