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The opening of Geko Valves & Controls (China)

Geko Valves & Controls (China) will officially open the new factory in October 2022, which is also an important milestone in the company's strategic development.


The address of the new factory is located in Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu province. The investment in adding several CNC machining centers, and the modern office environment all demonstrate GEKO's confidence and strength to reach a new height.






Now Geko Valves & Controls has provided perfect solutions and technical services for many projects around the world, and has accumulated rich project experience to help users save energy and improve system efficiency. It has established a good reputation in many industries and has become one of the brands of owners and equipment suppliers over the years,which meet the ever-increasing customer demand.



New environment, new starting point, new journey, providing our users with complete fluid control solutions.Only customers determine success or failure; strive for excellence and speed , and work hand in hand with customers for mutual benefit and win-win. we are trusted by customers, respected by the society, and have the most value and  international influence.

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