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GEKO Valves Showcases Innovations at Valve World Asia in New Energy Hydrogen Applications

At the recent Valve World Asia exhibition, GEKO Valves and Controls highlighted their latest advancements in addressing the challenges posed by hydrogen in new energy applications. With hydrogen being recognized as an ideal future energy source, GEKO's innovations are set to make significant contributions to the industry.  



In his keynote speech, The manager of GEKO Huang Wan Zheng emphasized the increasing importance of valve technology in the application of special gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Hydrogen, in particular, is highly flammable and explosive, with very small molecules that can easily permeate and leak through common sealing materials. Additionally, hydrogen transport and storage often involve extreme temperatures and pressures, requiring exceptional safety and stability. These factors place stringent demands on valve performance and airtightness.

He highlighted several key challenges:

  1. Permeability: Hydrogen molecules are exceptionally small and can easily permeate many common sealing materials, leading to leakage issues.

  2. Hydrogen Embrittlement: Certain metals can become brittle and lose their ductility when exposed to hydrogen, compromising the sealing performance and lifespan of valves.

  3. Cryogenic Brittleness: At low temperatures, some materials become brittle, affecting the sealing performance.

  4. High-Temperature Stability: Sealing materials must remain stable in high-temperature environments to avoid degradation or failure.

  5. Chemical Compatibility: Sealing materials need to be chemically compatible with hydrogen and any other media present, such as lubricants or corrosion inhibitors, to prevent chemical reactions or degradation.


To address these challenges, GEKO Valves and Controls has developed new composite sealing materials with superior resistance and sealing performance. The company has also implemented advanced processing and grinding techniques to meet these stringent requirements. In addition, GEKO is actively exploring the feasibility and alternatives of the latest materials in the international market to tackle these challenges, ensuring the stable operation of their valves under extreme conditions.

GEKO's commitment to innovation and excellence was evident in their presentation, showcasing their ability to adapt and excel in the evolving landscape of new energy applications. As the industry continues to move towards hydrogen as a primary energy source, GEKO Valves and Controls is poised to play a crucial role in ensuring safety, stability, and efficiency in hydrogen applications.

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