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Geko Valves & Controls China factory obtained TÜV ISO15848 low emission certificate for Ball Valves Geko

Geko Valves & Controls obtained the ISO15848 low fugitive leakage certification for ball valves issued by TUV Rheinland Company,in November 2022,and mark  that GEKO's product performance has been further recognized internationally.

ISO15848 Valve Low Fugitive Leakage Certification, is suitable for various valve products that cannot be judged by conventional water pressure and air pressure tests, but need to use more scientific means and sophisticated instruments to detect small external leakage.This tiny leakage to the outside environment is called low leakage.

As people's awareness of safety and environmental protection gradually increases, the requirements for the use of valves are also increasing. In many fields, especially in petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical and other industries, if the selected valve  can meet the low leakage standard, the leakage discharge of toxic, flammable and explosive media in the device will be greatly reduced,which avoids fire, explosion, poisoning and other accidents that endanger life and property safety due to valve leakage.

Geko Valves & Controls has always been committed to the pursuit of product excellence. In recent years, it has successively obtained SIL3 certification from TÜV Rheinland Company, API607 fire protection certification, and ISO15848 low emission certification. With the support of third-party authoritative organizations, it has been recognized by global customers.

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