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Control Valve Application Problems

Control valve applications, there are six points of the problem:
① control valve varieties, specifications, parameters and more. Control valves to meet the different requirements of industrial process control, such as temperature, pressure, media characteristics, there are nearly a thousand different sizes, different types of products, so that control valve selection is not convenient, the installation application is not convenient, maintenance is not convenient management is not convenient.

② Control Valve poor reliability. Control valve at the factory features and running some time after the very different characteristics, such as increased leakage, noise increases, the valve reproducibility variation, etc., to the long-term stable operation difficult.

③ control valve cumbersome to control valve transportation, installation,. Maintain the inconvenience. Typically, the control valve of the instrument than the average weight to heavy weight several times to the times, for example, a control valve DN200 weighing 700kg, transport, installation and maintenance are required to use certain machinery and equipment to complete the application to the control valve with an inconvenience.

④ control valve flow characteristics and industrial process control object properties do not match, resulting in deterioration of the quality control system. Control valve flow characteristics of the ideal of the factory has been identified in the product, but the characteristics of industrial process plant is different, power port on the pressure drop ratio changes, so that control valve flow characteristics of the work can not be matched with the characteristics of the controlled object, and to control the system control quality deterioration.

⑤ control valve noise is too large. Industrial applications, control valve noise has become an industrial equipment of the main noise source, therefore, reduce the control valve noise become important research topics, and received the attention of Governments.

⑥ control valve is energy-consuming equipment, more and more scarce in the current energy, more energy-saving technologies should be used to reduce control valve of energy consumption, improve energy efficiency.

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