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GEKO Integrated Electric Valve Received Acceptance Of Yadong Cement Project

In March 2021, the electrical gate valve and globe valve for steam pipe network renovation project were successfully accepted by Sichuan Yadong Cement Co. Ltd .  During the commissioning and acceptance, the post-sales staff of GEKO Control-Valves carried on the guidance and training on the whole stage, which was unanimously recognized and widely praised by owner and designing Institute -Nanjing Kai Sheng Kai Neng Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd.

The project is a new single line of annual cement production about 2 million tons, with annual production over 6 million tons of cement. After the ignition was put into production, the daily output will be 4200 tons of clinker, and the daily production of various cement products reached more than 2 million tons.

Sichuan Yadong Cement Co., Ltd. is Asia Cement Co., Ltd., which belongs to Far East Group. It has five major types of cement manufacturing plant, grinding plant, cement products factory, transportation company and investment company, up to 21 companies and 3 strategic partner companies (less than or equal to 50% of shares) with total assets of nearly 20 billion RMB.

At present, the company has total 15 new dry cement production lines from 3000 tons to 6000 tons of clinker per day, with an annual cement production capacity of 35 million tons, which was evaluated by the cement Association in 2018, ranked 10th domestic clinker capacity and cement comprehensive strength.

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