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GKV-730R Series Butterfly Valve

GEKO offers reliable resilient seated butterfly valves for large-size pipeline. GKV 73/74 series is wafer butterfly valves. GKV 73 series' rated pressure is 75psi and GKV 74 series is 150 psi. GKV 75/76 series is full flanged butterfly valve, its rated pressure is 75 or 150 psi.

This valve series has diverse design features, such as high CV ratings, minimum parts exposed to the line media, high reliability and long service life.

Technical Data of GKV-730R Series Butterfly Valve

Size Range:24" - 60" (600mm - 1500mm)
Body Style:Full Flanged
Temperature Range:-20°F to 250°F (-29°C to 121°C)
Pressure Ratings:Bidirectional Bubble-tight Shut-Off: 232 psi (16 Bar)
Body (CWP):250 psi (17.2 Bar)
Body Materials:Ductile Iron
Disc Materials:Nylon 11 Coated DuctileIron, 316 Stainless Steel
Stem Materials:17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Seat Materials:Bonded BUNA-N, Bonded EPDM
Applications:High Pressure, HVAC, Dead-End service

Features of GKV-730R Series Butterfly Valve

Stem Packing. The design of the V-shaped packing in the GKV75/76 series can automatically adjust and seal in both directions to prevent foreign matter from entering the upper stem cavity. The packing can also be adjusted externally, has good function, is suitable for vacuum applications, and provides a tertiary sealing effect in critical situations.

Geko's unique tongue and groove joint valve seat design can completely isolate the medium in the valve body and the pipeline. The flexible torque of the resilient valve seat is lower than that of many valves on the market, especially suitable for most vacuum conditions.

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