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GKQ-Series Electric Actuator

GKQ series electric actuator which has compact size, robust construction, reliable performance and ability to integrate fully into sophisticated control systems. Compared to the other series actuators GKQ series electric actuator belongs to 0 to 90 degrees motion (a quarter turn) and allows for highly accurate positioning.

Highlight of GKQ-Series Electric Actuator

- Compact and robust design suitable for butterfly valve & damper automation

- Standard weatherproof(IP67) (Optional Explosion Proof (Ex II B T4 and IP68)

- Alluminum alloy housing with epoxy polyester coated outside

- Output Torque: 25 Nm (2.5Kg.m)~ 9000Nm (900Kg.m)

Features of GKQ-Series Electric Actuator

External mechanical stopper .Prevents over run of travel

angle when limit switch fails.

Cable entries

- Standard 2-PF3/4"(Max 1") for various cable gland.

Removable drive bushing and ISO5211 mounting base

- (F07~F16) for easy mounting on valve.

Captive cover bolts

- Designed to prevent losing it during maintenance or installation.

* All external bolts are stainless steel for

rust prevention.

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