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GKP-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

GKP series pneumatic and hydraulic actuators provide global customers the latest valve actuation design. It is a highly unique and reliable means of operating ball, butterfly or plug valves with 90 degree rotating mechanisms.

Totally enclosed weatherproof center‐body fabricated in carbon steel or ductile iron provides an excellent strength to weight ratio. 

The mechanism of piston and yoke has an advantageous torque output.

Highlights of GKP-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator


This is the result of the Geko Fluid Control GmbH  mission to offer always innovative products by combining the long field experience as market leader, the innovational spirit, the well-known reliability in actuators design and the high quality manufacturing level.

The new technical features developed and incorporated in this product line allow to have the best product versatility for an easier valve automation.

The design in fully compliance with all the international standards is also covered by international patents.

The 4th Generation Upgrade series offers the widest and most complete actuator range with huge options availability.

The 4th Generation Upgrade line counts a combination of:

- 17 different model sizes both in double acting and spring return

- 6 different protection levels

- 3 different working temperature executions (from -55°C up to +150°C)

- Multiple choice of ISO flange and drive shaft connection for each actuator size.

The -40°C lower temperature construction is offered as standard, as well as the nuts&bolts in stainless steel as a base.

With output torque up to 10.000Nm, Air Torque is the only manufacturer in the world offering the biggest rack and pinion actuator in aluminium.

Features of GKP-Series Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

End cap

The surface of die-cast aluminum alloy is sprayed with various colors of metal powder, PTFE coating or nickel plating treatment.


The double-piston rack is made of cast aluminum hard anodized or steel galvanized. The installation position is symmetrical, the action is fast, and the service life is long. Simply invert the piston to change the direction of rotation.

Stroke adjustment

Two independent stroke adjustment screws can adjust the switch position conveniently and accurately ±5°.

High performance spring

Using high-quality materials, coating treatment, pre-compression assembly. It has strong corrosion resistance and service life. It can safely and simply disassemble the single-acting actuator, and meet different torque output ranges by changing the number of springs.

Bearing, guide plate

The use of low-friction, long-life composite materials avoids direct contact between metal and metal, and is simple and convenient to maintain and replace.


Use nitrile rubber under normal temperature working conditions, and use fluorine rubber or silicone rubber at high or low temperatures.

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