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GEKO's Customized 10'' Double-door Control Valves Earn Client Approval for Crude Shipping Pipe Application

In response to specific customer requirements, GEKO Valves & Controls has successfully designed and delivered a tailored solution - the 10" Double-door Control Valves for crude shipping pipes. This customized valve solution has garnered widespread recognition and approval from our valued client.

GEKO's Customized 10'' Double-door Control Valves Earn Client Approval for Crude Shipping Pipe Application


Key Features of the Customized Solution:

Precise Engineering: GEKO leveraged its extensive expertise to engineer the 10" Double-door Control Valves with precision, ensuring optimal control and performance in the context of crude shipping.

Double-door Design: The incorporation of a double-door design enhances the valve's ability to regulate crude flow efficiently. This feature provides enhanced control and responsiveness to fluctuations in the shipping process.

Material Selection: GEKO's commitment to quality is reflected in the careful selection of materials, ensuring durability and reliability in the challenging environment of crude shipping.

Client Approval:

The customized 10" Double-door Control Valves underwent rigorous testing and evaluation, and the client has expressed full satisfaction with the solution. The valves demonstrated exceptional performance in regulating the flow of crude oil through the shipping pipeline.

Benefits for the Client:

Optimized Crude Flow: The tailored solution ensures that the client's crude shipping process is optimized, with precise control over the flow of crude oil, contributing to operational efficiency.

Reliable Performance: GEKO's commitment to precision engineering and high-quality materials translates into reliable and consistent valve performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Enhanced Control: The double-door design of the valves provides the client with enhanced control capabilities, allowing for better management of the crude shipping process.


GEKO Valves & Controls' success in delivering a customized solution for the 10" Double-door Control Valves underscores our dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The approval from our client affirms the effectiveness of our tailored approach, showcasing GEKO as a reliable partner for specialized valve solutions in the challenging field of crude oil shipping. Contact

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