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What is a A pilot-operated regulator?

A pilot-operated regulator is a type of pressure regulator used in various industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and utilities. Unlike direct-acting regulators, which use a diaphragm directly exposed to the controlled pressure, pilot-operated regulators employ a separate control system known as a pilot to manage the main regulator.Contact us:


Here's how it typically works:

1. Main Valve: This is the primary valve that controls the flow of fluid or gas. It's typically a larger valve that can handle higher pressures and flow rates.

2. Pilot Valve: The pilot valve is a smaller valve that's connected to the main valve through a pilot line. It is controlled by a pilot system, which can be pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic, or a combination depending on the application.

3. Pilot System:The pilot system monitors the downstream pressure and sends signals to the pilot valve to adjust the main valve accordingly. For example, if the downstream pressure rises above a set point, the pilot system will open the pilot valve, allowing the main valve to open more and reduce the pressure.

4. Adjustments: Pilot-operated regulators often allow for precise adjustments of the set point (the desired pressure level). This can be done manually or automatically, depending on the complexity of the system.

Benefits of pilot-operated regulators include:

- High Accuracy:They can maintain precise pressure control over a wide range of flow rates.

- High Capacity:They can handle large flow rates and high pressures.

- Remote Operation:The pilot system can be located away from the main valve, allowing for remote monitoring and control.

- Stability:They are often more stable and less prone to pressure fluctuations compared to direct-acting regulators.

These regulators are commonly used in applications where precise pressure control is critical, such as in gas pipelines, chemical processing plants, and steam systems.

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