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The Fisher Vee-Ball V150 valve and DVC6200 positioner save users $17,000 in operational expenses annually.


The implementation of noise attenuation valve internals and a more precise digital valve control system has eliminated valve leakage, pipeline noise, and process controllability issues.

This results in an estimated annual savings of $17,000 per control valve in maintenance service fees.


Matching the face-to-face dimensions of existing valves has also avoided additional costs associated with pipeline modifications and related labor hours.

The Fisher control valve system equipped with noise attenuators and digital valve controllers can extend the normal operating time of power plants.


Oxygen Deaerator Pressure Control System


Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Company Limited (RGCO)



The deaerator pressure control system is composed of three ball valve units, and there are controllability problems at the lower opening, leakage and pipeline noise. As a result, valves need to be repaired every year, and the factory will experience downtime every time.

The customer's initial consultation with the existing supplier determined that the valve unit was an outdated model with low flow control and noise issues. The proposed alternative model presents the same controllability issues at the lower opening, as well as high noise issues, and also requires modifying the pipes to accommodate dimensional incompatibilities.


Our local business partner in Thailand, Kanit Engineering Corporation Limited, collaborated with the customer to address the issue. They proposed the Fisher 12-inch V150, rotary V-ball valve, noise reduction valve internals, and FIELDVUE DVC6200 digital valve controller.


On-site installation of the 12-inch Fisher V150 Vee-Ball valve with noise attenuators and DVC6200:

The implemented solution provides better and more precise controllability at lower openings, ensuring shut-off integrity and offering noise attenuation. It is also designed to match the face-to-face dimensions of existing valves, thus saving costs associated with pipeline modifications and related labor hours.

The customer agreed to implement this proposal on one control valve unit. After over a year of operation, the Fisher control valve system continues to provide improved controllability for the factory's operations. With no leakage or noise issues, the customer saves over $17,000 (600,000 Thai Baht) annually in maintenance and operating costs.

Given the verified operational performance, the customer intends to replace the remaining two old units with the same Fisher solution proposed by Kanit Engineering Corporation Limited.

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