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GEKO's three-piece/three-way ball valves are utilized in high-speed rail, maritime, and aerospace industries

GEKO's three-piece/welded three-way ball valves are renowned for their outstanding quality and are widely used in high-speed railways, ships, and aerospace applications. With cutting-edge manufacturing processes and stringent quality control at every stage, these valves have found extensive use in cooling circuits of aerospace variable frequency drives (media: water-ethylene glycol mixture).


GEKO's commitment to quality begins with the selection of high-quality stainless steel materials known for their durability and corrosion resistance. The three-piece design of the ball valve facilitates maintenance and ensures long-term optimal performance.

GEKO's manufacturing process integrates advanced techniques such as precision machining and automated assembly to ensure accuracy and reliability in every valve produced. Rigorous testing and inspection protocols are implemented at every stage to validate performance, pressure resistance, and sealing, ensuring each valve meets or exceeds industry standards.

The exceptional quality of GEKO's three-piece welded stainless steel ball valves has made them highly sought after in critical applications within high-speed railways, ships, and aerospace industries. Their reliability, durability, and precision engineering make them indispensable components for ensuring safety and efficiency in systems operating in these demanding environments.

In conclusion, GEKO's commitment to excellence in manufacturing, coupled with a focus on quality and reliability, has made their three-piece welded stainless steel ball valves the preferred choice for global high-speed railways, shipbuilding, and aerospace applications.

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