Geko Union/ Geko Fluid Control GmbH

GEKO Valve and Control participated in the Valve World Asia Expo and Seminar

GEKO valves and controls have come be crowned with complete success at the Valve World Asia Expo & Conference which was held Suzhou International Expo Center.

Manager Huang Wanzheng was invited to the chairman committee to share the successful cases of Geko Valves & Controls of the exhibition.


The Valve World Asia Expo is one of the "Valve World" series events recognized by the global valve industry. The Valve World Asia Exhibition, which is held every two years in odd years, has become an important platform for communication between the international market and the Asian market mainly dominated by China. Speakers from major users and institutions in the field of valves gave speeches, discussions, and on-site demonstrations on topics such as leakage, standards and certification, valve maintenance and repair, valve design, control valves, sealing technology, material selection, and innovative solutions. Among them, "Control Valve" is a relatively new sub forum theme in recent years, which also signifies that "Valve World Asia" has become more comprehensive in covering all topics in the valve industry.



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