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GEKO SS Explosion Proof Solenoid Valves With NAMUR

GKV610C5 flameproof solenoid valve has satisfied NAMUR connection plate and tube connected to two kinds of assembly requirements, but also with the two five-way and two-way function. Does not require any auxiliary adapter plate can be directly controlled single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuators, and the pilot to manually configure the device safe and reliable, is a truly multi-purpose solenoid valves. 

Functions of GEKO SS Explosion proof Solenoid Valves with NAMUR

GKV610C5 explosion-proof solenoid valve has the functions of two-position five-way and two-position three-way, which can meet the two assembly requirements of NAMUR plate connection and pipe connection. It can directly control single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuators without any adapter board assistance, and is equipped with a safe and reliable manual device on the pilot. It is a truly multifunctional solenoid valve. Because of its unique gas circuit structure. All the breathing holes on the solenoid valve body are the same as the exhaust holes. There are no breathing holes on the valve body to communicate with the atmosphere, which can effectively prevent external liquid, dust and impurities from entering the valve body. It is especially suitable for outdoor use or in a work environment with serious dust pollution. . Air source working pressure is 1~8bar, power supply voltage is 12~48VDC, 110~240VAC.

Features of GEKO SS Explosion proof Solenoid Valves with NAMUR

Unique structure of the gas path. Solenoid valve and vent all breathe the same hole, the body surface without breathing holes with the atmosphere, and can effectively prevent outside liquids, dust and debris from entering the body, particularly suitable for use outdoors or in severe dust pollution in the work environment .

Air working pressure 1 ~ 8bar, supply voltage 12 ~ 48VDC, 110 ~ 240VAC.

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