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GEKO’s new control valve trim technology has enhanced noise reduction and flow efficiency.

Trim solution by GEKO utilizes additive manufacturing to implement optimized process design, resulting in a 20% increase in valve capacity and a 10-decibel reduction in noise.


In 2023, GEKO’s Trim technology, applicable to both rotary and globe valves, expanding existing Whisper noise solution product portfolio. The trim technology addresses noise issues by incorporating additive manufacturing and other advanced techniques to create enhanced functional trim designs.


Control valve noise is often a concern in industrial applications. It is generated by the high pressure drop across the valve, resulting in high velocities as the fluid passes through the narrow passages within the valve body. This aerodynamic noise is highly dependent on gas velocity, so applications with high flow rates and high pressure drops often quickly reach high sound levels. This type of noise can damage hearing and, over time, harm pipelines, sensitive equipment, nearby pipe connections, and control valve components.

Rotary valves are typically cheaper than globe valves, but due to their trim configuration, they inherently tend to produce higher noise levels. Due to limited available space and other factors, incorporating a significant amount of noise reduction measures into the valve internals is challenging, making rotary valves less suitable for high-noise applications.

The new rotary trim technology addresses this issue by using additive manufacturing technology to reduce sound levels by up to 20 A-weighted decibels (dBA), lowering noise by 10 dBA compared to traditional manufacturing solutions. While achieving these noise reduction levels, it largely maintains the high flow capabilities commonly associated with rotary valves. This solution can save significant costs compared to alternative globe valves.

Currently, there are various low-noise valve internals available for globe valves, each utilizing increasingly complex configurations to achieve higher levels of noise reduction. Typically, the more complex the trim style, the higher the noise reduction and cost, with lower flow capacity. For applications requiring high flow rates, traditional low-noise valve internals may require larger valve bodies.

The new spherical trim technology addresses this challenge by using additive manufacturing to create internals with higher flow capacities. Flow in globe valves with this technology increases by 20%, while still reducing noise by up to 30 dBA compared to traditional designs. This allows for the use of smaller valves in applications where larger sizes were previously needed, saving space and costs.

These solutions significantly reduce noise and overcome drawbacks of traditional designs, providing end-users with more options to address issues related to valve installations with noise concerns. Please contact us:!

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