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Successful Projects

11, 2023
GEKO Valves & Controls continues to advance its collaboration with China's national nuclear power industry.
With the completion and commissioning of GEKO Valves & Controls' new factory in China in 2022, the company has successfully secured bids for valve segments in various nuclear power projects, i...
08, 2023
GEKO valves&controls contribute to the construction of a national natural gas base of 100 billion cubic meters production capacity
With perfect solutions, high-quality products and excellent technical services, Geko Valves& Controls has won the trust of users and successfully provided a batch of pneumatic control valves for k...
08, 2022
Geko Provided 4500lb Control Valves And Globe Valves To Borealis
Valves & Controls provided 4500LB control valves and globe valves to Borealis for propane dehydrogenation plant in Kallo, Belgium.The control valves get PED Certificate and pass non-standard test ...
07, 2022
The Baihetan Power Station to Jiangsu ±800kV UHV DC line was completed and <br>put into operation
It is Geko’s great honor to cooperate with State Grid Corporation of China, to offer the electric ball valve to converter oil drainage system. Geko ball valves of long life and safe operation in toug...
12, 2021
GEKO Joins The National Grid To Serve The Uhv Converter Industry
Geko control valves cooperated with State Grid Corporation of China, Baobian Electric, Shandong Electric, STI-EST, offered the electric explosive proof ball valve to china State grid ultra-high voltage converter oil drainage system.
07, 2021
GEKO Participated In Hydropower Project In Vietnam
GEKO Valves & Controls has been fully recognized by Vietnam State Grid because of his perfect solutions and technical services.Since from Year 2014, GEKO Valves & Controls has supplied quick-opening metal-sealed ball valves.
08, 2020
GEKO Provided 127 Sets Pneumatic V-type Ball Valves to ECO Singapore
GEKO Valves&Controls China office provided 127 sets pneumatic V-type ball valves to ECO Singapore, applied to phase 1 project:300t/d mixed salt solution (sodium sulfate, sodium chloride) .
12, 2018
GEKO Valves & Controls Participated In Jordan Oil Shale Power Station
GEKO Valves & Controls has become a core equipment supporting brand in the fields of electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, water conservancy, and UHV power grids, because of his perfect solutions.
12, 2018
Geko Valves & Controls' Control Valves Serve Borealis
Geko Valves&Controls provided 2500LB control valves and globe valves to Borealis for propane dehydrogenation plant in Kallo, Belgium through the Netherlands branch.
12, 2017
Taiwan GEKO Provides High-Quality Marine Valves To Steinsvik
Steinsvik has specialized in delivering products and solutions to aquaculture, maritime industries and theoil and gas industry, covering the most countries and regions in the world.
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